Factors to consider

  • Spread of agent performance – quartile analysis is a technique that has proved valuable in many operational assessment as it shows the spread of performance between top (Quartile 1) performers and the rest of the agent population. It can be used with any agent based KPI that is driver of operational performance – for example Average Handle Time (AHT) – and by understanding the average for each quartile then coaching inventions can be designed appropriate to the specific agent quartile group. It is usual for there to be a significant spread of performance between the quartiles – typically 10-20 seconds in the AHT example – so if you can move the performance of a Quartile 4 performer by just quartile then that represents a significant uplift in available capacity
  • Forecast accuracy – although often thought of as being the domain of Resource Planners, the overall business should be interested in achieving an accurate forecast so that agent resources are deployed throughout the day at the right levels. Typically best practice measures for forecast accuracy are a daily forecast to +/- 5%; and 80% of intraday periods to +/- 10%. Outside of these measures then you are building inefficiency into the agent schedules as there will be significant periods when you either have too many staff (low utilisation) or too few staff (high abandon rates)
  • Shrinkage – another factor that can skew operational performance are unplanned absences through sickness and/or attrition. These form part of off-phone shrinkage elements – including authorised breaks, holiday and training – which needs to be included in workforce management planning assumptions. However where absence rates are higher than expected then this reduces available resource levels which in turn would warrant an investigation into the root causes for such high absence rates.

These factors of operational science are the ‘behind the scenes’ contributors to a successful contact centre operation. Use the contact form to find out how MCX can help you apply these methods to drive out improvements within your operation. The business case will be very compelling to your finance stakeholders as it avoids the need to recruit additional staff!

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