Factors to consider

In a multi-channel contact centre a key focus area for innovation is how you respond to digital enquiries. The following table separates out informational enquiries i.e. no customer ID&V required to resolve query from specific enquiries i.e. access to customer systems required. It defines the different solutions depending on the nature of the enquiry from simple through to complex.

  • Simple enquiry

    • Information enquiry = Intelligent Assistant (knowledge based)
    • Customer specific enquiry = Intelligent Assistant (robot)
  • Medium enquiry

    • Information enquiry = General crowdsourced agent (via email)
    • Customer specific enquiry = General Contact Centre Agent (chat or email)
  • Complex

    • Information enquiry = Specialist crowdsourced agent (via chat / messenger)
    • Customer specific enquiry = Specialist Contact Centre Agent (chat or phone call back)
  • Intelligent assistants – exploit a knowledge base to be able to self-serve simple information enquiries and to automate simple system based enquiries. Both these scenarios do not require an agent to get involved in the resolution of the enquiry but the configuration of information require tuning and iteration to ensure optimal performance i.e. a better than 90% resolution rate
  • Crowdsourced agents – are a new concept based on the service model pioneered by the mobile phone operator giffgaff where they use existing advocate customer experts to answer questions posed by other customers. Key to the success of such initiatives are being able to moderate the quality of answers provided by the crowd sourced experts and to ensure the timeliness of responses. Where both criteria are met then the expert is rewarded financially which is a great way to reward being a brand advocate
  • Web chat – is the natural way to respond to customer requests through a two-way dialogues whilst the customer is online. The focus is about resolving the issue that the customer faces in completing their online journey and there is much case study evidence – and previous project experience – that demonstrates that this service is highly valued by customers
  • Home working – as digital support models mature then the traditional approach of contact centre staff sourcing will change – for example exploiting home based staff who can be rostered ‘on demand’ for those specific periods of the day when contact volumes spike

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